Adam and Eve Essay 3

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Adam and Eve
Marcie Smith
REL 250
Paxton Reed
November 16, 2008

Adam and Eve
The term subordination is used frequently in the context of Trinitarian discussion, and has a clearly defined usage. Theologians of the past have spoken in some sense of the subordination of the Son and the Spirit within the boundaries of orthodoxy. However, how do we define it when it comes to women and the church? The story of Adam and Eve is a great place to start. It brings with it all of the elements of love, respect, partnership, and subordination all rolled together. When I first started to research this paper I was under the misguided assumption that Adam and Eve went down together. As my paper evolved you will see I learned a little bit differently. The account in Genesis tells us very specifically, and without any other possible interpretation, that both man, the heavens, the earth and all the creatures on the earth were created by the Lord—that they did not progressively evolve over a period of time. The very first verse in the Bible tells us that Yahweh created the heavens and the earth. The Bible then goes on to tell us that God then proceeds to create light, night and day, the seas, the stars, creatures to live in the seas, creatures to live on the dry land and then finally the man, Adam—all in 6 days. Adam was created on the 6th day. Then Yahweh plants Adam in the Garden of Eden and gives him total dominion over everything in it—including all of the fish, the birds and every living thing that moved on the earth at that time. The fact that God created Adam first “suggests that God saw Adam as having a leadership role in his family” (Grudem, 1994). According to Genesis 2:18 and 2:20, Eve was created to be a helper for Adam. “Adam was placed in Eden alone as a gardener and caretaker and Yahweh noticed that total solitude is “not good” for him” (Harris, 2007, p. 106). Yahweh resolves to make Adam a helper. At first He created a variety of animals and birds, bringing...

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