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Topics: Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve, English-language films Pages: 1 (352 words) Published: October 5, 2010
A man said to me once, that you’ll “never realize the limits of time until you hit a certain age; the finite-ness of it all.”

I still wonder each day what Ralph Williams really meant when he foretold me those queer words, while in the middle of discussing literary themes which has transcended through time. The irony with this, I guess, is why in my life are so many of the great themes I’ve enjoyed, gone? Was he really forewarning me of this nostalgic tragedy we will face, or realize, one day? Has that day come for me?

I often attribute the story of Adam and Eve with that of a typical relationship. A man is young and carefree, enjoying his life in the fair Garden of Eden with a woman he enjoys to be with. With no of good or evil responsibilities ever haunting his naked, pure senses. But then Eve brings forth apple, Oh the Apple! What is this apple you force me to eat, Eve? It is this apple that steals away my bachelorhood! No longer can I roam naked around the garden and do as I wish, but rather I must now bare a child with you and toil the rough soil to support us all. Why, Eve, have you seduced me with this forsaken apple, which has stolen all the pureness and freedom away from?

Is it really this simple apple, which I have now eaten that makes me see the tragic end? Is it this simple apple that makes me a man? Then what is so great about being a man? Oh cursed woman, why do you force me to eat such pain? To follow your rules, oh I believe the wicked apple really is the downfall of all men, and the end to his glory. The moment in time, when that apple is handed to the man from the wicked woman who now takes control of his soul, chaining him to her and her ways…. Why are we made so weak to fall for such a tragedy after all these millenniums?
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