Adam's Apples - Review

Topics: Flickering Lights, Good and evil, Election Night Pages: 1 (354 words) Published: January 5, 2013
The name of Anders Thomas Jensen is definitely worth remembering. Danish director and scriptwriter has probably excelled himself - he created “Adam’s Apples”, a movie that perfectly blends drama and black comedy. Life of the main characters does not appear in bright colours, but the director managed to portray it in a comical way.

At first glance, the story appears to be banal and simplistic. Adam( Ulrich Thomsen) is a neo-Nazi and former convict. In order to rehabilitate, he arrives to a countryside parish run by vicar Ivan(Mads Mikkelsen), who seems to not accept the harsh reality and blames Satan for all his failures. There he also meets two men who are under Ivan’s supervision: Gunnar(Nicolas Bro), an alcoholic and former tennis player, and Khalid(Ali Kazim), who regularly raids local petrol station. Adam undertakes to bake an apple pie as a means of rehabilitation - a task that becomes nearly impossible due to upcoming events.

The movie is ambitious and often surprising. Above all, it is interesting story that never bores the viewer. We are curious of what Adam is capable of and after every action and statement of his we are ensured that he is unpredictable. The screenplay is full of witty dialogues, references to the Bible, eternal struggle of good and evil and the Book of Hiob. Similarly to that poem, the movie tries to answer two fundamental questions: why the innocent are suffering and why God allows evil to exist.

Everything that happens in the movie is perfectly balanced, the border between drama and comedy is almost non-existent; all evil seems to be exceptionally funny. However, barely anything is simple and obvious and all the events have several morals. What appears to be evil leads to good, seemingly wrong decisions help in solving difficult problems. The movie is full of absurds which are well explained, what makes them more realistic.

Is it worth watching? Of course it is! The movie is a must-see for every cinema lover. It’s...
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