ADA's Masti Island

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The main objective of ADA’s Masti Island will be to bring people together of all ages, cultures and backgrounds to enjoy the highest international park standards of quality, fun and entertainment. To establish Masti Island as a popular destination and one of the major tourist attractions . To serve the society and preserve the culture keeping in mind the customers values and beliefs. To earn maximum growth and profitability and recover the investment within a span of 5-6 years. To provide maximum customer satisfaction and quality services. To provide high end security for the customers when they relax at our place.


In today’s hectic world where people hardly find any time from their busy schedules like assignments, projects or meetings for recreational activities. Even though many recreational spots are available in and around Mumbai, still not a single one gives a complete package of Entertainment or fun.e.g. ESSEL WORLD & WATER KINGDOM have different identities and do come at different values. Also there are other parks like SURAJ WATER PARK, TIKUJINI WADI & KUMAR RESORT LONAVLA which are known for their water rides. Every time in a family when the decision is to be made for a visit to park their arises a conflict on whether to go for a park with rides or visit a water park. Amusement Park industry is a CASH COW industry as people of all ages come under the target audience of the industry. As innovative technologies are blooming, this makes the industry evergreen and ever growing and would never fall back or go in declining stage.


Idea Generation
In our brain storming session we discussed out various products and services for e.g. A state of art CRICKET STADIUM, A MULTIPLEX CHAIN, MALL & an AMUSEMENT PARK.

Screening & selecting the final product:
We decided to drop the ideas for:

No stadium was available in Navi Mumbai until the launch of Dr. D Y Patil Stadium which is a state of art stadium so even when the place was available we decided to drop the idea as even though when enough space was available the location was not suitable in comparison with Dr. D Y Patil Stadium. Also it required negotiations with the BCCI as all the rights of matches are strictly reserved with them. MULTIPLEX CHAIN

Multiplex is the trend of today, with lots of Multiplexes coming in market and even old theatres are shedding their skins and transforming in to the multiplex It will be a foolish idea to enter the market as there are already many players available in the market ready to pounce upon the customers.

Opening a MALL is a good idea but the prime locations available for the malls are being already taken over by major competitors hence opening a Mall at a non prime location would not generate sufficient ROI and to capture maximum market share in the sector is difficult to achieve.


Even though Amusement Park is a booming industry in abroad most of its fields are yet to be explored at large in India. The equation of the amusement industry is HIGH INVESTMENT = HIGHER RETURNS which was the core reason responsible for us to select the idea o develop an AMUSEMENT PARK at the outskirts of MUMBAI.



Why Masti Island??

The name Masti island suggest that the island is full of fun , thrill and entertainment. The name is very short but catchy enough to attract the attention of the potential customers. After the recommendations by Mr Sanjay Jumani the renowned numerologist and respected consultant for our organisation, we decided to go for the name.

Location for Masti Island

Well for this project, after a brief search we decided to opt for the land which would be nearer to Mumbai...
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