Ad Analysis

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Ad Analysis
Huggies is a popular brand of diapers and baby wipes among parents who buy for there babies and toddlers. The Huggies advertisements was placed in Parent’s magazine, targeting soon to be mothers or parents who already had small children. What was shown in these advertisements to help sell their brand of diapers and whipes is questionable. When looking at the two ads, my first reaction is why are the adds totally opposite. Was it just to target different consumers, is it an example of how Huggies really views the differences in white & black cultures. Huggies goal with each ad was to target certain buyers. The first ad was with a happy black baby with a Mr. T hair style. The black baby was wearing a dark shirt that matches the camouflage spread the baby is laying on and was an overall dark picture. There is a red ribbon with the caption in white that states “WE WANT YOU to test all new surfit” with the black baby pointing to the reader. Is this ad specifically to attract the black audience? The main focus of this advertisement is the happy black baby that distracts from the darkness of the ad. About thirty pages later this same ad was in the same Parent’s magazine. In this case, it wasn’t a black baby at all but a white baby. The white baby is surrounded by light colors and cartoon caracters. The baby has a serious look on his face that will try to grab the attention of the person that’s turning the pages. The fact this ad is for wipes is not clear why it has a totally opposite looks. Having two ads in a magazine but with two different races is simple, to attract different types of readers to buy Huggies. “I WANT YOU FOR U.S ARMY, nearest recruiting station”, this is what Uncle Sam said to us with a stern finger. The main purpose of this statement was to encourage Americans to enlist to join the army. The ad with the black baby is pointing just like Uncle Sam and just above him is the statement “WE WANT YOU to test all new...
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