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Topics: Horse racing, English-language films, Horse Pages: 2 (656 words) Published: September 16, 2013
When looking at this ad, the first thing the viewer notices is a man running down a derby track, carrying a horse jockey. The next thing one notices are the horses running behind the man, implying that this man is faster than horses. How is this possible you might ask? Well it is possible, if you use Old Spice. With this ad Old Spice implies that their product is the golden key to unlocking your inner self and powers. What is your “smellf”? In large bold print, Old Spice displays the words “BELIEVE IN YOUR SMELLF”, in the middle of their ad. The made-up word “smellf” is the combination of “smell” and “self”, and the saying plays off of the popular phrase, “Believe in your self”. Through this saying, Old Spice implies that their body products will make you smell good, and that by smelling good you will be able to believe in your self. Then because you are able to “believe in your self”, you can do and accomplish anything (including running faster than horses in a race). The other big “eye catcher” is the man running down a track. Not only he is running down a track, but he is doing so with a horse jockey on his back. The serious faces on both people as the man runs on foot in a horse race gives somewhat of a humorous feel to the ad. The thought of a man running around with a man on his back in a horse derby, and winning, is completely absurd. Yet Old Spice insists that it is possible… if you use their products. In the corner of the ad, Old Spice has their products displayed as what appears to be a trophy. The products are standing on gold platforms mounted onto a polished wood base. On the side Old Spice is displayed in gold lettering. Old Spice is saying that their products are a trophy, and are valuable, hence the gold. They are displaying their product as better over the competition. Old Spice is also suggesting that their product is similar to a “performance-enhancer”. If you use this product, you gain the power to do anything you believe. In today’s...
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