Acupuncture for Pain Management

Topics: Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese medicine, Pain Pages: 4 (1115 words) Published: January 19, 2012
Acupuncture for Pain Management

Everyone at one point in his or her life has felt pain. Image if you had constant pain with no relieve in site. With acupuncture, relief is just a thin wire away. Scientists are not ready to admit that acupuncture works in pain management. However, studies have shown that acupuncture can modifies the perception of pain and how it is processed by the brain. Through neuroimaging and genomics, scientists can see the changes within the brain’s pain center. They have observed molecular changes in the nervous and immune system. Acupuncture has very few side effects, compared to side effects that one might receive from a management that uses drugs. Overall, one could say that acupuncture is the better choice for pain management.

Acupuncture is one of the oldest healing practices in the world. There is recorded evidence that it can be dated back to 200 B.C. Acupuncture is one of the key components of the traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). (NCCAM1) It was widely used in China and Asian countries, until 1972 when acupuncture gained attention in the United States. In 1972, James Reston, a reporter traveling with President Nixon in China, had to undergo an emergency appendectomy. He was impressed with his post-operative pain relief consisting of acupuncture and upon his return to the United States, he wrote an article in the New York Times about his experience. Then in 1997, acupuncture was formally recognized as a mainstream medicine healing option. (UOMaryland) Acupuncture is described as a system of healing where the patient is treated by insertion of extremely thin needles into their body at specific points. It is a principle of Chinese medicine that works off your body’s energy called qi, which can be described as one’s life force, or energy. This energy flows through pathways called meridians and each meridian is attached to one organ or a group of organ to maintain proper flow of Qi. When there is a blockage of...

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