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Topics: Youth detention center, Crime, Prison Pages: 3 (1015 words) Published: September 14, 2009
A Career In The Juvenile Probation Field
Edna Powers
English Composition II
Cassandra Smith
August 10, 2009
A Career in the Juvenile Probation Field
Like many careers a career in the Juvenile Probation Field can be very rewarding and also extremely difficult. After all, they do work with troubled teens. They constantly battle with teenager’s weather it is trying to get them to stay out of trouble by not going to school, using drugs, stealing or gang involvement. Some teens, after they have been in trouble, head toward a straight path and some end up in the same Juvenile Probation Officers hands. Protecting the community is a main role of a probation officer. They must routinely call the juveniles home, school, and work to make sure they are doing as they are supposed to. The job of a probation officer is “in the field,” not behind the desk. Juvenile Probation officers are often not recognized enough for their hard work and dedication to the community. They practically have to monitor these kids as if they were their own by making them curfews, unannounced visits, ensuring school attendance, and involving youth in after school activities. “Probation Officers can only do so much to help,” as (Sanchez, M. June 4, 2008) stated. This statement is very true. Teens quite often after getting in trouble say they are going to straiten up but sadly a lot of them do not. They just end up back on probation and this is very frustrating for the Juveniles Probation Officer. There are some teens that straighten up, for this reason it makes a Juvenile Probation Officers job very rewarding. Not only does this make it rewarding for the probation officer but for the juvenile, the juvenile’s parents, and the community. Probation Officers should feel a great sense of accomplishment, just knowing that they played an important role in; changing many people’s lives for the better. Being a juvenile probation officer is not just a job where you sit in an office...

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