Actors: Creating the Magic of Effective Acting

Topics: Film, Will Smith, Actor Pages: 1 (390 words) Published: February 25, 2013
In film making, the actor is the face of the film. Acting is not just pretending to be someone else; it is becoming the character thereby creating the magic of effective acting. Noticeable actors are usually our way into a movie. (Goodykoontz, & Jacobs 2011). Impersonator: Usually these roles are found in historical and biographical stories. (Goodykoontz, & Jacobs 2011). I think of Denzel Washington impersonating Malcolm X in 1992; where Mr. Washington took on the person of Malcolm X and delivered a riveting performance. Personality Actor: An actor whose own personality tends to define all the roles he portrays insomuch that the actor’s name is an insight into his/her screen character. (Goodykoontz, & Jacobs 2011). I think of the late Vincent Price who was the personality that gave depth and character to horror films. His voice was so distinct that Michael Jackson used it as the eerie laughter at the close of his song Thriller.As Vincent Price was to Horror films so was John Ritter to comedy. Star: A popular actor with a distinguished screen personality. The star is well known to the movie going public. Stars are actors who are simply famous on-screen and off, personalities so magnetic that we are interested not just in their movies but in their personal lives as well. (Goodykoontz, & Jacobs 2011). I think of Will Smith who has an international following and who shows appreciation for his adoring public. I think his best performance was The Pursuit of Happyness. He gave the character depth and conveyed a message of hope for the downtrodden. Wild Card: An Actor who is versatile, multi-talented and is not typecast; it is difficult to classify him/her. (Goodykoontz, & Jacobs 2011). I think of Paul Newman in his numerous, varying roles; each one as riveting as the other. Will Smith has done comedy (sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel Air), impersonation (Ali) character (The Pursuit of Happyness) among other diverse roles. Character: The actors are able to fit...
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