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The CIPD has developed a map of the Human Resources Profession that describes the knowledge, skills and behavior required by the Human Resources and learning and development professionals. The CIPD Professional Map has been designed to be flexible so you can focus on the areas more relevant to your role, your next career steps and your organisations needs.

There are ten professional areas, which I have listed below:-

1. Organisational design
2. Organisational development
3. Resourcing and talent planning
4. Learning and development
5. Performance and reward
6. Employee engagement
7. Employee relations
8. Service delivery and information
9. Leading H.R.
10. Insights strategy and solutions

Learning and development is one of the more technical professional areas. It ensures that people at all levels of the organisation possess and develope the skills knowledge and experiences to fulfill the ambitions of the organisation and that they are motivated to learn and grow.

Performance and reward builds a high performance practice by delivering Programmes that recognize and reward certain skills, capabilities and performance.

Service delivery and information ensures that the delivery of Human Resources service and information to managers and staff with the organisation is accurate and efficient and delivered in a timely and cost effective manner and that the human resource data is managed professionally.

The behaviours describe in detail how a human resources professional needs to carry out their activities. Each behaviour is described at four bands of professional competence.

There are eight behaviours which I have listed below:-

1. Curious – Is future focused, inquisitive and open minded; seeks out evolving and innovative ways to add value to the organisation.

2. Decisive Thinker – Demonstrates the ability to analyse and understand data and information quickly. Uses information, insights and knowledge in a...
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