Activity Preferences

Topics: Grammatical person, Human, Personal life Pages: 2 (487 words) Published: December 16, 2013
 I have found that a person's culture has an impact on which physical activities individuals participate in to stay healthy. The three different people i interviewed had very unique ways to stay healthy. I realized that culture has a massive impact because of how people are accustomed to stay healthy and the beliefs they have. Also, age and gender affects the motivation to preform certain tasks.

To begin with, the first person i interviewed was a 35 year-old, female, Hispanic. This lady, is not very active. She has 3 children, and works. There is not enough time during the day to be able to work out like she used to before she had any kids. Her cultural background affects the way she participates to stay healthy. In her words "I was taught that i need to put my kids before myself. If i do end up having free time ill do yoga or go for a walk. I may not be very active, but i always cook healthy homemade meals."

The second person i interviewed was a 17 year-old, male, african-american. He is extremely active, he is currently involved in basketball, but throughout the year he plays football, baseball, and does boxing. "I can't imagine how my life would be like if i didn't do any sports, it has been such a big part of my life since i was 5 years old" he mentioned. His age obviously does affect how he participates to stay healthy because, he uses all his free time to stay active by doing sports.

Lastly, the third person i interviewed was a 72 year-old, male, caucasian. This man runs 2 miles everyday. He's been doing it for years now. " When i was little, my family and i would go running every saturday and sunday. It was our way to bond and stay healthy at the same time." The tradition continued when he had his own family. Now that he has a lot of free time he likes to do it everyday. The background of this man, impacted the way he's living today and how he raised his own kids to pursue a healthy and active life.

In conclusion, culture, age, and...
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