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Topics: Question, Thought, Critical thinking Pages: 2 (701 words) Published: July 7, 2011
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Everyone everywhere has there own personal strengths but we also have our own weaknesses. Rhetorical knowledge, critical thinking, reading and writing; writing processes; and knowledge of conventions are key components to know when writing a paper whether it be for work, school, to a family member or a friend. A strength of mine in rhetorical knowledge is that when I read a paper or a book to a audience I project my voice so that I can be heard clearly, not so loud that its annoying and bashing my audience’s ears but where they can hear me and not having to say “ could you repeat that last part.”. A weakness of mine is I don’t always capture my audience when I read. People constantly tell me to add more enthusiasm when I read so I can bring my audience into the story and make them feel like they’re in the story. Another strength of mine is knowing my audience. When reading to say an older crowd they probably wouldn’t like a lot of loud sound effects like a fire truck or a police car. When reading to a younger crowd say for example “the car came to a screeching holt” making a sound of a car coming to a sudden stop would not be bad at all and It will keep your young listeners entertained. Critical thinking can be a hard concept to grasp because your just not letting your pen or pencil flow freely you have to think and analyze your answer. One of my strengths in critical thinking is to be able to take notes while reading so when it comes to the questions at the end I can tell myself that the answer is in my notes somewhere so I know I should find it. A weakness of mine is that I get lazy and I wont turn back to my notes to actually find the answer I might just fill in whatever I feel is correct. Another one of my weaknesses is sometimes I may not read the question all the way through and because of that I wont get the exact answer that I need and I wind up not caring anymore. The writing process in my opinion is the most important part of...
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