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Topics: Music, Religion, Western culture Pages: 2 (554 words) Published: November 29, 2014
Activity: “Spirit Season”
Spirit season is a school event that lasts 3 consecutive months. Each month will have a variety of different religions from a single geographical region participate in the event. Each month will represent a distinct geographical region. For example, each month will be: the eastern religions, the middle-eastern religions, and the western religions (aboriginal religions) respectively. Within the first month, the eastern religions, the religions of Hinduism, Buddhism, Daoism, Sikhism, and etc. could participate. The end goal or product is to “make-over” the entire school so that it provides the cultural “feel” of the region of the month. This could be done visually, audibly, or in another way that appeals to the senses.For example, when Western religion is the region of the month, the group will decorate the school with accessories, items, or other material that is from the aboriginal culture (since the aboriginal religion is of the western hemisphere). This make-over should include all religions each region includes. Prior to the event, several visual, musical and performing arts classes could be notified of the events. They would then lend their services to making this event possible. The food prep, business, religion, history, construction classes and any student could also volunteer to help assist with the event. Once the volunteer group and the arts classes are chosen, several dates are chosen for these groups to attend and discuss ideas and form a plan. The make-over should typically include: Decorators:-role: to manually accessorize the school by hanging: decorations, props, etc.

-hallways must be covered so the event has maximum effect or “reach”
-consists of: volunteers; construction, history, and visual art classes

Constructors:-role: to create or obtain every object to use during the event
-large-scale decorations like carpets, grapevines, etc. are encouraged
-stands/stalls/booths could be used as smaller...
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