Activity Analysis Essay

Topics: Motor control, Internet, Motor skills Pages: 3 (1050 words) Published: March 31, 2011
Activity Analysis

Name of activity: Sending an e-mail to a friend on a home-computer Number of individuals involved: 1
Supplies and equipment: Computer, internet
1. Turn on the computer5 min
2. Use mouse to click on the internet symbol 30 sec
3. Type into the search box at the top of the webpage30 sec
4. Click on the link, “Mail”30 sec
5. Type username and password to sign in1 min
6. Click on “New”30 sec
7. Type the email address of the person to whom it’s to in the “To” box30 sec
8. Type the title of the email in the “Subject” box30 sec
9. Click in the blank area below the previous information entered30 sec
10. Begin typing a message 15 min
11. When finished, click “Send”30 sec
A total of 25 minutes for these steps.
Cost: The price depends on what kind of computer is bought and what type of internet is purchased. A computer can range anywhere from $400.00 to $1000.00 and high speed internet usually costs around $20.00 a month. For this activity an HP computer is being used which costs $429.99 and high speed internet for $20.00 a month. Overall cost for one year: $669.99. Preparation: Must have an email account, know the email address of the person the email is going to, and buy a computer and the internet. Time: 35 min-10 minutes to find email address of the friend and 25 minutes for composing an email. Space Needs or setting required: Indoor, computer desk with computer equipment, well lit area, and an the size of the area does not matter as long as a computer desk and chair can fit. Activity Qualities: Teens, young adults, and adults may find this task meaningful. This task would also be meaningful to businessmen. This activity may not be not enjoyable for the late baby boomers. Occupation: Social participation such as engaging in communication with friends and family. Leisure interest such as relaxation and feeling of...
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