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activity 7

By aocasado20 Feb 01, 2015 384 Words
1. Do you approve of Kierkegaard’s father’s teaching technique? Explain. Are there similarities between his technique and virtual reality? Are there differences? I do agree with Kierkegaard’s parenting teaching technique. For example as a dad/parent, choices have to be made every day and as parents decisions have to be made in what we think is better for our kids. I believe that comparing his technique to virtual reality may be similar at some point because in both scenarios we can find that any situation could appear but it would differ in a point as things go, I believe that in virtual reality situation could be controlled hence parenting will be more easier to manage. By knowing that, we can conclude that one can decide either/or the direction that one desires.

2. Whom do you think Kierkegaard identifies most with: the friend who doesn’t want to choose or Williams? Or perhaps both? From my point of view Kierkegaard determines that the friend who can’t choose between pursuing marriage and in the point of either/or getting married or not taking this step will be a decision in which the man will regret. Life is based on big decision and sometimes great decisions that may change the outcome in our current state of life. We would find either/or decisions in life in which we would consider and our moral and ethics will decide one’s path to take and lead.

3 .Compare the second excerpt with Sartre’s theory of the existential choice. The excerpt of Sartre’s which talks about the theory of existentialism and it has some applicability to the excerpt of Either/Or from Kierkegaard. Sartre’s states that we live in a world with the liberty to designate the path that we are going to take. Existentialism actually emphasizes the existence of the individual person as a free and responsible agent determining their own development through acts of the will and it is known to be begun with Kierkegaard, which he makes the point that one’s attitude determines in which direction our path will be taken. People sometimes live without direction and finds themselves stagnated because the fear itself can be misleading and the people think that if the take a path, they would be taking the wrong one and facing the consequences.

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