Activity 3 Review

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Activity 3


Animated banner
Does the animated banner include everything specified in the CAB?  Yes, my animated banner is approximately the full width of the e-newsletter x 150 pixels deep, includes my logo and strapline, has a suitable title and runs continuously. Did you add anything else to the animated banner?

If so, why?
No, not in terms of sound effects because personally I find them distracting and pointless however I did add images such as grass as my still background. What title did you choose for the e-newsletter?

Why did you choose that title?
For the e-newsletter I chose the title, “Community Spirit”, although it is not original or unique it does promote Community Spirit and is also simple yet effective as it constantly reminds the reader or viewer about Community Spirit. How did you check that the animated banner would look good on your e-newsletter? I watched it as a debug movie and also made sure it fitted with my colour theme. How did you test the animated banner?

I tested my animated banner by viewing it as a debug movie and made sure that everything was working and in the right places. What feedback did you get from your teacher and test buddy?
Teacher: The animation is too fast and therefore I cannot read the title, “Community Spirit”, to improve slow down the transition of the logos and prolong the duration of the title. Test Buddy: I think that your animated banner is very good, the colour scheme is good, the fonts are great and the background is suitable however when your images cross each other it goes a little too fast. What action did you take as a result of the feedback?

I prolonged the time that the title and tagline were sown at and have decreased the speed of the logo. What else could you do to improve your animated banner?
Add sound effects or music or add more frames and information.

What features of your design would make the e-newsletter appeal to your target audience?

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