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Activity 3.1.1 Cancer

By xoxoo_love Feb 02, 2014 568 Words

Activity 3.1.1: Student Data Sheet

Name of Person:
Age Diagnosed with Cancer:
Type of Cancer:
Possible Risk Factors:
Other Pertinent Information:

Amy Johnson


68 Years Old

Breast Cancer
(Stage 3)
Did not have children until they were in their late thirties Was a smoker until she was 45 and drinks alcohol socially.
Mother and sister both had breast cancer
Genetic screening done at 25.
Inherited a mutated BRCA1 gene = increased chance of developing breast cancer. tumor was malignant
Cancer spread to her liver

Rosemary Garcia


8 Years Old

Acute Lymphocytic
Rosemary’s mother expressed concerns that she had been exposed to radiation during the beginning months of her pregnancy. developing swollen lymph nodes around her neck and in her underarms Diagnosed within one month.

Variety of chemotherapy treatments

Andrew Greene

(Caucasian Parents)

73 Years Old

Late stage Bladder Cancer
Father died of colon cancer.
Recently stopped smoking at 50.
Bladder was surgically removed.

Worked on the farm until his sixties.
Given chemotherapy, but cancer spread to his bones already
Died a year and a half after the diagnosis.

Chloe Manning

(African-American Heritage)

4 Years Old

Childhood Medulloblastoma
Trouble walking
Losing her balance
Frequently sleeping a lot.

Surgeon was not able to remove the entire tumor
Quickly spread to spine.
Chloe died at the age of six.
History of high blood pressure in family.

Kyle Li

(Chinese Heritage)

14 Years Old

pain in his knee, joint developed a limp.
fatigued and started to lose weight
Treated with chemotherapy
No history of cancer in family.

Ryan Adams

(Caucasian Heritage)

21 Years Old

lump in his testicle that was causing him pain.
surgery to remove the testicle and was given radiation therapy father had testicular cancer when he was younger

Clarence Major

(African- American Heritage)

65 Years Old

Colon Cancer
At 53, he was diagnosed w/ diabetes.
Removed the cancer cells and treated w/ radiation.
Smoked young and was a heavy drinker.
Small business owner and was active in community.
Died w/in 2 years: Heart attack.

Erin Harris

(Caucasian Heritage)

32 Years Old


Spent a lot of time sun bathing.
Abnormally shaped & discolored mole on her neck.

Older sister Emily had: Basal Cell Carcinoma.
Melanoma was in early stages
Now wears sunscreen & avoids excessive UV exposure.

Christina Martinez

(Puerto Rican Heritage)

36 Years Old

Sexually transmitted infection in her during a routine pap smear. Trying to quit smoking for the last five years.

Strict Vegan diet.
Has follow-up pap smears.
Cryosurgery was used to remove the precancerous cells.

Henry Cho

(Korean Heritage)

11 Years Old

Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma,
Night sweats, coughing a lot & having trouble breathing.
Began to feel itchy all of the time.

Henry’s grandfather, died from Pancreatic Cancer at 71.
Radiation & Chemotherapy treatments put him in remission.
Relapsed four years later
Received an autologous transplant.

Daniel Robinson

(African-American Heritag)

52 Years Old

high blood pressure medicine

Jasmine Thomas

What trends or patterns do you see?

Conclusion Question

1. What conclusions can you draw about who is at risk for developing cancer?

2. Is there a way to predict who is going to get cancer, when they will get it, and what type of cancer it will be? Why or why not?

3. How do you think a person’s lifestyle can affect his or her chances of developing cancer?

4. How do you think a person’s age can affect his or her chances of developing cancer?

5. Why is early detection and treatment of cancer so important?

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