Activity 2 Task Of The Toddler

Topics: Sense, Sensory system, Somatosensory system Pages: 2 (367 words) Published: April 16, 2015

Phonology -d. although they are limited in number many serve a double purpose. Grammar -c. toddler unconsciously recognizes word order.
Dis?Dis?-b. toddler goes through a naming or labeling stage. Pivot- a.’’ all gone cookie”
Alphabet -e. each world language has its own.
Symbol -g. a word represents something.
Toddler Brain- f. as active as an adult.

Write a brief description of experiences that could promote a toddler’s learning the word hat.

1. During circle time the toddlers and I was discussing different things that you can wear in the winter time. I presented a variety of different clothing that people can wear during the winter. When I showed the toddlers a hat, they all began to point at there heads. When I noticed the response I immediately began saying the word hat and what it’s used for. Most of the toddlers were able to repeat the word hat and knew what the hat is used for.

2. The next day I decided to bring in an old hat from home that we could use as an activity for the toddlers. During circle time one of the toddlers began to say the word hat-cold. I began to smile and introduce to the toddlers a different hat. I also had different colored blocks for the toddlers. As I put one block in the hat, I gave the hat to one toddler to put a block in. I was demonstrating and assisting the toddlers with passing and putting the blocks in the hat.

C .List five identifying characteristics of the following concepts:

Van-big, long, high, tall, and transportation.
Rain-clear, water, drops sizes, movements, and ice crystal. Needle-sharp, cylinder, straight, tall, and medical equipment. Giraffe – long legs, spots, tongue, patterns, neck.

D. I only had one example of sensory exploration (2).Most sensory and brain development takes places between the ages of 0-5 years of age. I believe it is vital to provide each child with a rich environment to properly develop the sensory regions of the brain. Children can actively explore...
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