Activism - Activism and Family Planning

Topics: Family planning, International Planned Parenthood Federation, Birth control Pages: 4 (1363 words) Published: January 30, 2013
Activism and Family Planning

Will activism be required in order to sustain family planning for Canadians? Given the proposed government funding cuts to the family planning, it may be necessary for activism to be re-ignited to preserve the rights of all Canadians to be able to access the variety of sexual health services offered by family planning organizations. Should access to family planning disappear for the thousands of Canadians who utilize its services? How will this in turn directly effect society? Activism is a movement against an issue within society with the goal to implement change of a particular situation that an individual believes is unjust. Activism usually starts simply with one person’s passionate opinion to create and/or drive change regarding a particular issue that they feel is unjust. The ‘flame of passion’ is often ignited with other individuals through conversation or significant situations that occur. In time, a group of individuals who share the same view collectively work toward achieving change to this identified injustice. As individuals battle a multitude of barriers and are faced with opposition by varying groups in society, they may feel a great deal of isolation as they work towards changing society’s normative view. Individuals who participant in activism are often ridiculed by society as they battle against the perceived ‘norm’ which is not acceptable to them. The difficulty with activism is that during the battle to make change, sometimes only a partial ‘victory’ is ever achieved. Given that the process of activism is very daunting it can leave individuals feeling exhausted, depressed and even suicidal if they are consistently met with oppositional road blocks. In the 20th century, activist Dr. Elizabeth Bagshaw was a leader. Her vision was to establish a birth control clinic. Dr. Bagshaw was one of the first ‘crusaders’ for Canadians to gain birth control rights. She established the first birth control...

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