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Denis Perez Espina
November 18, 2014
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Active vs. Passive

A student has the responsibility of going to school so they can have a career in the future. Some might think that all students who attend classes that they are paying for will do good in them. The reality of it is that some student either don't care, or they just stop trying after a while due to the workload. Attending school should be the number one priority for most young adults, but when it comes down to it, some just aren't up for the challenge. There are two type of students that attend school: the Active student who always want to learn more, and the passive students who doesn't even bother to show up to class anymore.

An active student is an individual who wants to further their education to achieve academic and career success in their future. The active student is always on time, and makes sure to always do their homework before showing up to class. These students enjoy participating in clubs, study groups, and sports. Focusing on school is a priority for these individuals. An active student never misses a day of school. Homework is always done on time and they are responsible with any task that they are given. In most cases, a passive student really does not care about school or their grades in the classroom. Passive students are usually late to class or just don't show up at all. Such students procrastinate with their class work, or decide that they don't want to do it instead. What makes no sense is, why do they even bother showing up to class? These students are obviously careless and aren't ambitious about a certain career. These students are just taking up space in a classroom instead of letting someone else take their space. These students are lazy and unappreciative of the education being provided.

In comparison, an active and passive student have a few similarities. They are both students who have the same homework responsibilities. Both...
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