Active Listening Skills. Essay

Topics: Coaching, Thought, Focus group Pages: 2 (554 words) Published: September 1, 2013
Active Listening Skills

Selena Samuel


August 18, 2013
Troy Cox
 Mrs. Harris and Mrs. Sciba are the two senior corporate trainers interview during the focus group discussion about the use cognitive coaching skills when developing new trainers. Sciba has over 10-years of supervisory experience and training, and Mrs. Harris has five-years of training experience, both are accountable for mentoring new trainers hired by the financial institution for the first year of their career. There are several active listening skills, if the active listening skills are use properly can significantly influence on the direction of the conversation with the client. Body language plays a vast role in collaborating with the students and show clearly whether the individual is engage. If the client feels comfortable and relax he or she will be at ease to continue speaking and sharing his or her thoughts. One of the difficulties with task was keeping an attentive focus on the students, kept fidgeting and moving around in my seat a lot. This particular area was more challenging than other areas because of the struggle to keep still for extended periods of time. One of the specific active listening skills particularly useful was the open ended questions. As a mentor or coach, one practice active listening skills when mentoring or coaching a student.  Mrs. Harris states the individual has to face the speaker, sit up straight while he or she is talking. It is a good idea to maintain eye contact with the speaker. One needs to minimize outside distractions and respond appropriately showing that the individual understands. Mrs. Sciba states the individual needs to stay focus on what the speaker is saying and try not to think ahead and cut the speaker off. The individual needs to have an open mind before making any decisions. During the interview Mrs. Harris and Mrs. Sciba states they will have to leave early, some of the questions where not answer. Mrs....
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