Action Research

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Action Research - short summary

In regards to Action Research, I feel as though the assessments that are utilized within all educational fields are the best topics to be approached when using this specific type of methodology. According to Mertler and Charles (2011), “action research is [utilized] by educators, [it is] accomplished in the local school setting, [and it is] intended to resolve [localized] school concerns [and] questions” (p.336). Anytime an educator may feel as though his/her instruction is not meeting the needs of each individual student, the educator could easily implement action research methods in order to discover why this may be the case. An instructor can implement the steps that are contained within the action research method in order to formulate a plan that will allow him/her the opportunity to see why his/her instruction is not effective. When an educator has decided to utilize action research within his/her planning, it is critical that he/she follow these 8 steps: 1) Identify the specific problem

2) Collect any and all information that may be needed in regards to the problem 3) Formulate a project: make a list of objectives, select specific activities, have any and all materials in order & finally - plan, plan, plan for your procedures! 4) Introduce and then implement your project

5) Monitor all of your procedures and closely monitor your results 6) Identify the shortcomings of your project
7) Correct your errors and omissions
8) Gauge the project’s results – long-term as well as short-term (Mertler & Charles 2011).
Because action research is a cyclical process, the educator will be able to conduct on-going assessment projects in regards to a specific problem. Action research is a fantastic tool that educators can (and should) use in order to evaluate their own performances. We, as educators, have to come to terms with the fact that we will never be perfect; education and educational practices will...

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