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Action Plans: Enhancing Training Development for Employees

This research paper analyzes and summarizes three published articles and a textbook that provides information on the results from a previous research conducted. The previous conducted research analyzed and summarized the use of action plans that employers and employee structure to develop and enhance training methods to improve job performances. The three articles vary in the definitions of an action plan, the different types of action plans, and the effectiveness of action plans in the workforce. Paul Thoresen states, “action planning should be an interactive process involving both management and employees because it allows more generated ideas, spreads out accountability for successful results in job performances” (Thoresen, 2014, p.1). On another note, the other articles define and provide precise information regarding action planning in the workforce. This paper analyzes and summarizes three different articles, including Thoresen's, each article pertains to the use of an action plan that will enhance the training development in the workforce.

Action Plans: Enhancing Training Development for Employees
Human Resource Development is a practice used in the working environment that combines training, organization, and career development to help improve and encourage individuals, group, and organizational performances. Employers are practicing enhancing the training development for employees’ job performances by structuring action plans for the employee who is obtaining employment. “An action plan is a written document that provides steps that a member of the management team and the employee will abide by to ensure that the training transfers into the job performance” (Noe, 2013,p.216-217). Action plans used to design training for employee development will be the topic that will be researched and analyzed in depth throughout this paper. The foremost reason behind choosing this topic is that there will be an opportunity of gaining knowledge surrounding action plans. In addition, researching and analyzing this topic will also benefit in developing and enhancing certain managerial skills that focus on training and developing an employee’s job performance. Action plans are strongly emphasized in the workforce and are effective in the development in the employee’s training and job performance. Paul Thoresen’s article, Survey Action Planning to Drive Change, is an effective article published on LinkedIn, a social media website for members who have a connection within the Business Industry. The article's summary is based on a conducted survey that was researched within the internal and external roles. The summarization also provides resourceful tips in introducing the topic of action planning in the workforce. Thoresen provides general guidelines on effective action planning, his definition of action planning, and steps on structuring an effective action plan. According to Thoresen, “there are five benefits of action planning such as: building credibility, helping in understanding the purpose of employer’s reactions, enhancing open communication, learning that time and opinions matter, and buy-in for all involved and opportunities to pull” (Thoresen, 2014, p.1). Previously stated, “Action planning should be an interactive process involving both management and employees by allowing ideas to be generated and a broader spectrum of the workforce is represented” (Thoresen, 2014,p.1). Action plans help in expanding accountability for management and employees. In addition, this article exhibits common mistakes from employers when developing training guides for future employees. Thoresen (2014) provides an exceptional insight stating that one area that often gets short shrift is training for managers as well as for HR Business Partners. Managers may likely need assistance to communicate results and conduct feedback sessions....

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