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Action Planning & Threat Assessment

By hunniboo92 Nov 05, 2014 459 Words
Los Angeles Police Department

Escorting the client, David Foreman, from his home to the
Metropolitan Courthouse and provide security to Mr.
Foreman’s estate.
Laguna Beach, CA
Metropolitan Courthouse, Los Angeles, CA

Monday, November 3rd, 2014


David Foreman
 40 years old
 High profile
 Outspoken
 Attention-seeker, i.e. loves to talk to the media/press
 Controversial white supremacist
 Wheelchair-bound
 Suffers from medical complications, i.e. respiratory illness SITUATION
Mr. Foreman is scheduled to appear at the Metropolitan Courthouse in Los Angeles, as a defendant answering to murder charges and violating civil rights laws. As of today, he’s currently free on a $1 million bond and in the past months, LA has been a victim to a series of

homicides of white supremacist followers including, the brutal beating of Mr. Foreman’s assistant, Matthew Hemming. The media has speculated that these attacks are related to Mr. Foreman even, the police suspect that the white supremacist group is seeking for political gain with their acts of violence, however, the police don’t have any direct evidence to support that theory. On the day of the trial, it’s possible that there will be several news organizations, fundamentalist religious groups, white supremacist groups and civil rights groups at the courthouse. Recently, Mr. Foreman’s estate security has been under attack due to the number of threats. It is recommended that the LAPD, escorts Mr. Foreman from his home in Laguna Beach to the Metropolitan courthouse and provide the required security to his estate. ACTION

One lieutenant, one sergeant and seven armed officers from Central Operations; which will respond and coordinate with the security protocols. In addition, the following will take place:
 A roll call will be scheduled for 09:00 hours at LA Police department Central Operation with: LAPD Commander, Lieutenant Johnny A. Muller, Sgt. Torino, and other fellow officers.
 Specific duties and responsibilities will be designated at that time.  During the detail, officers must provide professionalism in enforcing all California State Statues and County Ordinances.
 Properly document all pertinent enforcement actions and investigative data.

 Provide assistance and information via the chain of command. BRIEFINGS
The following instructions will be given to ensure the Mr. Foreman’s safety:  The primary reason for the police officers presence is to maintain order and protect the client in his passage to the courthouse and his estate. At the conclusion, a debriefing will be held. Proactive measures will be evaluated and adjusted, if necessary. In addition, all administrative paperwork will be completed and forwarded appropriately.

SUBMITTED BY: ____________________________________________
Johnny A. Muller
Johnny A. Muller, Lieutenant
LAPD, Central Operations


Captain Ian Milton Captain Ian Milton

Major Claudia Harvey Major Claudia Harvey
Chief Charles Moffett Chief Charles Moffett



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