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Action plan for optimum health and wellness
Team B
October 31, 2013
Edna Villarreal
There are several elements of health and wellness, which include physical, social, environmental, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual. However, the top three elements of health and wellness that need more advocacy in society are physical, emotional, and environmental. Health is a good physical condition, the condition of the body and mind, and the presence of illness (Donatelle, 2011). Physical health is extremely important because exercise, for one, means the ability to have a strong, healthy heart, and good recuperating abilities. Incorporating different kinds of exercise into one’s daily routine will help not only relieve stress but also a variety of other health factors. Emotional health is a serious issue in our society today. Keeping a positive attitude and self- esteem is extremely essential for good health. When one lets certain situations fall to a low, it results in hurt, anger, and even depression, which are key factors of an unhealthy lifestyle. Possessing low emotional health could interfere with motivation to exercise, healthy eating habits, and good communication skills. Environmental health is also priority. Society can do certainly more to improve environmental conditions. This includes not littering, recycling properly, and less air pollution. These key elements ensure a positive clean way to healthy living. Understanding the important roles that nutrition and fitness have as active parts in our lives is a topic that requires additional advocacy. Nutrition and fitness are two key factors that work alongside each other and are critical elements that help maintain optimum health. Concentrations in good nutrition can deliver effective results in preventing the body from acquiring a chronic disease and obesity. Obtaining a chronic disease can have major impacts on a person’s life and requires extreme lifestyle changes. A chronic disease developed from poor nutrition is vital and can lead to many complications, including death. According to the CDC (2009), nearly one hundred and thirty-three million people live with at least one chronic disease. Consistency with daily exercise and good nutrition will ensure a healthy balance needed for good health and wellness. Without the right nutrition, fitness will not improve the body, and without fitness, nutrition will not have any additional benefits. Fitness is important because it helps fight infections in the body and improves the immune system to help fight infection at a more effective and rapid rate. Fitness is also important because it may give a person a sense of self-confidence. Self-confidence allows a person motivation and pride in who they are. Fitness will help primarily to live a better life in the way he or she thinks, sleeps, and in daily activity performances. It is mandatory to be consistent with eating healthy and staying fit. Great fitness and nutrition are necessities in obtaining optimum health and is achievable by incorporating daily physical activity. Without nutrition and fitness, a person will expose their body to a chronic disease that may eventually cause one’s life. Some of the environmental effects on health that people may be exposed to and be unaware of are in places such as the home and workplace, which can be fatal. Air pollution is one of the most common problems we encounter daily. Mold is another cause of concern with symptoms that range from something as harmless as a cough to a serious condition such as respiratory illness. Lead is one of the most significant and widespread environmental hazards for children. According to the CDC (2013), about 24 million homes in the United States contain deteriorated lead-based paint and elevated levels of lead-contaminated house dust. It is critical to know what environmental health hazards people can be in contact with...

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