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February – Selecta Ice Cream will advertise on Television at noon time shows that will give them lesser cost of the advertisement and consumer will eventually buy ice cream because of the heat. The advertisement will tell the public the benefits of eating ice cream on a high temperature of the day. Estimated cost of 2 million pesos.

April – Selecta Ice Cream will announce summer camp for the kids and adults. Summer time is peak season for ice cream industry so Selecta should win the battle over this. In this time of the month, production output will be increase to supply the demand for ice cream. Organizing an event such as summer camp will increase the sales revenue and awareness of the consumer about Selecta’s Ice Cream. It will also be posted on social media for a lesser cost. Planned cost at 1 million pesos.

July – This is the month for the rainy season and demand for ice cream will decrease. Selecta ice cream will advertise through billboards and print ads. It will have the concept of eating ice cream for good health. In this ad Selecta Ice Cream will convince the customer that eating ice cream; even on a rainy season is not bad. It is a good idea for a dessert after eating. Planned cost for the print ads, Five Hundred Thousand pesos.

October – Selecta Ice Cream will sponsor a Zumba Dance Festival in different places all over the country. This will improve the Public Relations of the company. It will promote good health to the public. Planned cost 1.5 million pesos.

December – Selecta will organize a Meet and Greet the Santa Claus. People will have a chance to take picture with the Santa Claus by just bringing wrappers or stick of any products of Selecta Ice Cream. Planned cost of 3 million pesos.


Selecta ice Cream is the market leader in ice cream industry. Its total market share for bulk ice cream is 67% and for Frozen Novelty is 65%. This marketing plan will increase the market share and...
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