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The Student Activity Council (SAC) of HFA has formulated the following rules to promote the cleanliness throughout the campus:

1. Littering inside the campus premises should be avoided by all the students.

2. There will be trash bins for non-biodegradable, biodegradable, and recyclable materials. These trash bins will be color coded. Red trash bins are for non-biodegradable, black for biodegradable, and green for recyclables.

3. There will be stewards for the day. They have to perform the tasks assigned to them.

4. Each classroom will allocate an area where to put used papers so as not to crumple and throw them anywhere.

5. There will be bottle receptacles along the hallways and chapel. Empty bottles should be put there.

6. Waste segregation activity will also be done by assigned students. There will be students assigned every day for the said activity. The selected students will segregate the recyclable materials collected from the bin for recyclables.

7. Sanctions await the violators of the rules. Those who violate the rules will be cleaning some areas of the campus and will be segregating trashes for 30 minutes during their free time.

8. Incentives will be given to those who follow the rules. They will be given extra points in their MAPEH subjects.
For the students to be motivated in maintaining the cleanliness of the campus, there will be a contest among all the sections from grade 7 to grade 10. These rules apply to the said contest:

1. Each section will be given 1000 points at the start of the month. Corresponding points for every violation committed by the section.

candy wrappers
10 points/candy wrapper
used papers
50 points
unclean room
300 points

2. Every classroom will also be monitored by the assigned faculty based on the following criteria: CRITERIA
cleanliness of the room
orderliness of the room (arrangement of the chairs, the...
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