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London Visual Impairment ForumMinutes and Action points, Planning Group EGMFriday 11th November 2011Chair for this meeting : Peter Corbett (PC) (Thomas Pocklington Trust) Vice Chair: Jackie Venus (JV)(VISOR) not presentPresent: Colin Brown(CB) (BIG); Sharon Schaffer (SS)(LVIF) Fran Hibbert (FH) (Merton Vision); Peter Corbett (PC) (Thomas Pocklington Trust) Mike Woolston (MW) (Guide Dogs); John Harris (RLSB), David Newbold (Action) ; Stan Lopes (LB Camden)Apologies: Sue Sharp (SuS0 (RLSB); Sue O’Hara (SOH) (BlindAid); Jackie Venus (JV)(VISOR), Richard Holmes (RNIB)WelcomeIntroductions were made around the table.JH was welcomed in his new capacity as Head of Research and Public Affairs at RLSB.Current Terms of Reference (ToR)Current ToR were discussed and generally accepted but it was agreed that they need refreshing Action: PC & JH to refresh ToRIt was agreed that, despite their association, BIG and RLSB could retain separate identities on the Planning Group – their association did not represent a formal merger.SWOT AnalysisThe following points were noted for consideration in developing our business planSTRENGTHS: * London focus * Expertise round the table * Good networking opportunities * Both local and national representation * LA representation * Represents London at a variety of levels * A recognised forum of contact for statutory bodies * Pan London network and information hubWEAKNESSES: * Accountability * Unequal distribution of action * Resource deficit * Need more LA members * Not a registered charity (NB this was also seen as a possible strength) * All talk, no action * Not widely known enough *...
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