Acting Reflection

Topics: The Stage, Emotion, Time Pages: 2 (589 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Dylan Forest1/27/13

I feel that I took a risk in creating this character. I made the character a complete jerk, because the character seems like he is a jerk because he acts very nonchalantly when his friend starts freaking out that his sister is in Playboy. I read the play about 35 times. I am the other character’s friend the evidence in the text is that they are hanging out, and the fact that they call each other ‘dude’ and that their dads know each other. My character advances the plot because his personality fits with the plot and his personality makes the plot seem more real, because only a real jerk would act as he did under the conditions. My voice felt pretty good, however, it was a bit weak. I did not project well. Schrauf told me that if I had opened up the stage and spread out the stage a bit more it may have helped my projection. It also may have kept me from mumbling. I thought that my voice did reflect my character and convey emotion because I spoke kind of lazily and without much care, which is how my character speaks, and I had good inflection. I feel that my movement was not very natural and it was unjustified at times. Schrauf told me that opening up the stage by setting up the scenery/props differently may have helped with this. Because of the forced movement, I felt a little bit uncomfortable on stage. I felt that I had fairly good stage presence. However, I was nervous to be performing, and that may have contributed to me forgetting a line and forcing movements. I feel that I used my body to express my emotions by slouching and being laid-back because that is what my character is like and those were the type of emotions that he was experiencing during the scene. I did not effectively use my space, because I set up the scene so that it was closed, and it limited me from using y space effectively. I had no destination or place to go most of the time. Schrauf told me that I should try to have a destination or place to go because that...
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