Act of War- The Overthrow of the Hawaiian Nation

Topics: United States, Hawaii, Native Hawaiians Pages: 2 (753 words) Published: April 2, 2014
 Act of War- The Overthrow of the Hawaiian Nation Act of War - The Overthrow of the Hawaiian Nation is a documentary film that depicts Hawaii's history through the eyes of the Hawaiian people. Before I watched this film, I did not know how the Hawaiian Islands became part of the United States. I was surprised that Hawaiian annexation was an unfriendly takeover by the United States. This documentary was new to me, so it caught my attention right from the start. That’s why I choose this video for third reaction paper. In the beginning of the documentary, a woman speaking to a crowd says, “We are not American. We are not American. We are not American. We will die as Hawaiians. We will never be American.” It was a very powerful start to go into the history of Hawaii’s annexation. The annexation followed the overthrow, which led to Hawaii officially becoming the 50th state of the United States of America. The overthrow of Queen Lili’oukalani was definitely a great tragedy for her and for her people. It was disappointing to know that they took away everything from the Hawaiian nation – their land, their monarchy, their culture, their language, and their independence. Besides, they were not able to speak their native tongue, and they taught to be ashamed of their culture, and let America do what they want with their land. I felt that it was unethical that the US American troops trespassed on Hawaiian soil prepared to threaten to take down the monarchy when they had no right to do. Watching this documentary give more perspective on the big event and made me have more sympathy on what used to be a very sacred kingdom to the Native Hawaiian people. I can only imagine the pain that Queen Liliuokalani went through to lose something as big as a whole territory. The Act of War is definitely a compelling and devastating documentary about the annexation of Hawaii from the Hawaiian’s point of view. The documentary told the story of Hawaii’s history from pre-Western...
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