Act of Revenge or No?

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An act of revenge or no?

“ON THAT GLORIUS NOONDAY when Dulce Rosa Orellano was crowned with jasmines of Carnival Queen, the mothers of the other candidates murmured that it was unfair for her to win just because she was the only daughter of the most powerful man in the entire province, Senator Anselmo Orellano” (Charters, 2011, p.42). This first paragraph of the passage as well as the title of the story leads the reader to prepare for some sort of battle. The story goes on to discuss how her looks were not the cutest but because she was talented in playing the piano and had the ability to dance well it compensated for her attractiveness. The story went on to discuss how many men from other villages came out to meet her at the dance (this is where she was crowned). Once they returned to their village make believe stories of her beauty were discussed such like the game of telephone where each time it was transferred to another they added on to the tale. With all of the envy and commotion will something happen to her father and with her being the only child and a female instead of a male will she be capable of retaliating against the wrong done to her family or no?

While the stories continued to circulate they reached a gentleman by the name Tadeo Cespedes. Cespedes within the story was a man (a crusader) who only had one thing on his mind and it was the Civil War (43). Since his mind was so clouded with the Civil War he had time to neither look at ladies nor read. In Allende’s further description of Tadeo Cespedes she went on to discuss how his shaving tool made him realize he had a weapon at hand and how his entire life revolved around hearing shots (the mention of gunpowder) (43). On the mention of, “He had forgotten his mother’s kisses and even the songs of mass” (43) this further makes the reader aware that perhaps his mother lost her life within all of the violence he witnessed and the mention of the...

References: Allende, I. (1990). “An Act of Vengeance.” In Charters, A. (2011). The Story and Its Writer An
Introduction to Short Fiction (8th ed., pp – 42- 47). Boston MA: Bedford/ St. Martin’s.
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