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Topics: Gender, Gender role, Man Pages: 2 (844 words) Published: October 10, 2014
I had read an essay titled “Act Like A Girl” by Dominique Freeman. The essay explores the issue of gender roles in our society and families. Freeman tells her readers of events in her life when her mother would force ideas of what a girl should look like and act like upon her. Freeman considered herself a total tomboy, which is the opposite of what her mother wanted her daughter to be. I know of many cases when women are not being accepted as who they really are because they do not fit into the stereotype of a “woman.” I had the idea of getting a male’s perspective of the issue. I wanted to interview a male who has experienced similar experiences with not being accepted because he was not the stereotypical “man.”

In our interview the other day, I asked you if you agreed or disagreed with this statement: “Every child, boy or girl, should have the right to his or her own self image, and should not have to live by some gender roles” (Freeman 36). You answered yes in agreement! I asked you why you said yes so quickly. Your answer was because growing up you faced situations when you wished you could simply be yourself without the judgement of others. You shared your thoughts of what the stereotype of a man is to you. Some common images of a man is to be athletic, masculine, muscular, insensitive, and tough. I’m sure you could have gone on with this list of characteristics expected of a “manly man.” Women are expected to be a particular way, also. Some of us just don’t fall under those expected traits. Still, most people tend to hold common stereotypes of certain people in mind.

We both went to the same high school and cheered on our Varsity cheer squad for 2 years together. I was glad that you decided to share this part of your life with me, I know it was hard to talk about. In high school you didn’t dress like all the other boys, and you didn’t talk like all the other boys. You were a male cheerleader. You were the only male cheerleader. You expressed the...
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