Across a Hundred Mountains Essay

Topics: Aerosmith, Need, The Other Side Pages: 3 (1078 words) Published: February 23, 2011
Across a hundred Mountains

In Across a Hundred Mountains Adelina started her journey to the other side. She had gone to the train station where she sold quesadillas with Dona Martina. When she sat down she noticed that in front of her there was a man and a young girl talking about leaving to the other side. The girl asked her dad what did they need to do in order to get there, thats when Juana heard that you needed to catch a train to Tijuana then find a good coyote to take you to the other side. Juana saved up from what Dona Martina payed her. After Juana's mom was up in jail for killing Don Ellias, Juana decided to take her trip to the United States to go find her dad. Juana went to the train station and bought her ticket to Cuernavaca once she took a seat, somebody knocked on her window she noticed it was Dona Martina giving her some money, at first Juana didn't want to take it but she knew she was going to need it. In front of Juana was a man and next to her was a woman and a boy sitting on her lap. Juana over heard the man and noticed that he was going to the other side also. On the way the boy next to her seemed like he was going to sleep and sometimes will put his head over Juana's shoulder. When she turned around the boys head was on the woman's chest she kept on repeating that they were almost there. The boy was dead, the man in front of Juana told the woman not to make it obvious because they wouldn't care about the situation and just leave her behind. Once they arrived Juana helped the woman get off the train, she noticed the expression in the woman's face like if she didn't know where to go. Juana asked her if she was lost, the woman said she has family there but they didn't know that she was on her way. Even though Juana didn't have a lot of money she bought the woman a ticket back and bought herself a ticket to tijuana. She was hungry so she was in line to get something to eat. When they were giving her the food her train had got there, she ran...
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