Across The Universe Analysis

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Across the Universe Analysis
Singer: The Beatles (band)
Determined in Jude’s own belief which is his world will not change no matter what. He is full of hope in the future that one day the people will get the freedom and free from the government control. Bright and optimistic. Even under such a chaotic society, he still believes that it will stop someday. Volume: Soft

His mind is still very peaceful which indicates his world is very peaceful as well which creates a strong contrast between the society at that time. Especially this song is played in the scene where there was demonstration outside the Columbia University. People were yelling and protesting but using a soft volume creates a bright contrast that “nothing’s gonna change his world”. Also symbolises that he longed for peace and hope to achieve a peaceful world like the one he is imagining and insisting in his mind Pace: fairly slow

Not affected by the fast pace in the society.
People were running in the demonstration and protesting but he is just walking. Once again it helps to reinforce his determined mind that “nothing’s gonna change my world” Assuring himself that everything will be fine

His calm mind
Pitch: intermediate
Uses a normal pitch which is easy to sing
Comes up in his mind easily which symbolises his thought for peace all the time He does not ask for special but only a normal peaceful life Pauses: Not many pauses. Continuously repeating the phrases

Full of hope
Reflected in his mind: no time to think, have to take action Accumulation  one after one, non-stop, trying to cover the continuous protesting in the society but singing his mind louder and louder out. Not easily interrupted by other people or the surrounding conditions Keep on assuring himself that nothing will change his world

Musical qualities
Genre: Psychedelic folks - fusion of folk music and psychedelic rock Not reflecting the reality
All are Jude’s imagination for a better world that he longed...
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