Across the Universe

Topics: Across the Universe, The Beatles Pages: 4 (1321 words) Published: October 11, 2013
Kelsie Lyons
January 21, 2013

Music Presence in “Across the Universe”

The Beatles is a household band name. Everyone has heard of them and quite a few of their songs. Their music and its impeccable style was definitely the first of its kind. Their unique style is definitely engraved in our minds. “Across the Universe” has undoubtedly taken a new spin on these songs that we all know and love as “classics.”

This is a movie set in the 1960s and against the anti-war protests, rock & roll revolution, civil rights movement, and the psychedelia of this era. This movie takes us on a journey or two star-crossed lovers, Jude and Lucy, who are swept up in the counterculture movement.

The film opens with Jude sitting on a beach singing “Girl” while looking out at the ocean. He then goes to get his paycheck from work and heads home, with “Hold Me Tight” plays along in the background. In the next scene, we go to a prom flashback of Lucy and her boyfriend at the time, Daniel as she sings “Tell Me I'm the Only One” to him. Jude and his current girlfriend are in a bar in Liverpool singing the same song. His girlfriend then sings “Let Me Keep On Loving You” to him as they hold each other. Jude has to leave for America to see his father in New Jersey and sings “All My Loving” to his girlfriend. Meanwhile, Lucy is saying goodbye to Daniel because he is being sent off to war. Next, we see a woman named Prudence at cheerleading practice jealously watching a fellow cheerleader flirt with one of the football player while singing “I Want To Hold Your Hand.” In the next scene, we see her trying to hitchhike on the side of the road. While this is happening, Jude is also hitchhiking in a different part of America. Once Jude arrives at Princeton University, where his father works, he finds out that his father was just a janitor there, not a professor. The two of them talked and Jude let him know that he didn't expect or want anything from him, he just wanted him...
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