Across the Nightingale Floor

Topics: Novel, KILL, Love Pages: 4 (1347 words) Published: October 19, 2008
Across the Nightingale Floor.
Written by Lian Hearn.

Lian Hearn was born in England and immigrated to Australia in 1973. Lian Hearn is a pseudonym which means that she used a different name to publish her book. She chose the name Lian Hearn because Lian has been a family nickname for her and Hearn because it is Japanese for Heron which is a key symbol in her books. She is a rather famous author and the books that made her famous where the “Tales of Otori series.

Lians Hearns novel “Across the Nightingale Floor” is written in the first person for half of the story with one character and in the third person for the other character of the story. The book has two sides of the story and the first is told by a young boy named Takeo. The Story takes place in the beautiful country side of a land called the three countries. Takeo is exploring in the woods one day and when he returns to his village to find it up in flames but no-one seems to be around. He wanders around to find his uncle dead in the temple at the feet of Iida the Tohan lord. Iida sees Takeo and tries to kill him but instead Takeo manages to knock him off of his horse and to escape into the forest. There he runs into a man named Lord Shigeru who saves his life from the pursuing soldiers, and takes him in. As they travel around Takeo begins to discover that he has certain powers like being able to make an image of himself, put people to sleep, and all of his senses increase dramatically. Lord Shigeru tells Takeo that he has these powers because his dad was an assassin who was killed by Iida. Takeo then decides that he need to avenge is father’s death but he finds out that there is one problem, The Nightingale Floor. The Nightingale floor is a specially made floor that has been designed to make a noise if anyone steps on it to alert Idea that someone is coming. But a dilemma arises and Takeo is kidnapped and taken away by the tribe. Meanwhile the other half of the story is taking place with a girl...
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