Across Five Aprils Chapter Analysis

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Chapter 1 – Analysis – Chapters 1 is somewhat of an explanation of what the rest of the book is going to be like. The author gives us a sense of whom the characters are and what roles they are going to play in the story. For example, by reading the chapter, I think that Jethro is a very sentimental boy. I think this because Jethro was simply thinking of the war, when he suddenly started thinking of his sister Mary, who had died some time before. Since this book is about the war, I think that it is going to be similar to My Brother Sam is Dead, in the way that it is going to affect the family. By this, I mean that like the book My Brother Sam is Dead, the war is going to tear apart the family with its conflicts and situations. I also noticed in this chapter that Jethro and his mother seem to be very close and attached to each other. I think this might be because of the reason that Jethro is one of Ellen’s few children that actually survived and did not die.

Chapter 2 – Analysis – In this chapter, Wilse Graham visits the Creighton family and at dinner, things get ugly. Arguments arise as talk about the war enters the Creighton home. Jethro’s brothers and Wilse come to a certain argument that struck me very hard. They share thoughts on the war and they also start talking about slaves. Wilse admits that he owns slaves and his cousins disagree with him and his decision to have slaves. I have to say that they are not the only ones. I personally disagree as well. Although as Wilse said in the book, slavery has been around since the beginning of history, I think that although that is true, I don’t think that gives him the right to own slaves for himself. He thinks that it is for the best of the slaves, but I am sure that if he were a slave, he wouldn’t think it was for the best! As I read this chapter, I realized that Wilse Graham is very stubborn and he always wants to be right. For example, when he was arguing with his family, whenever someone struck him with a disagreement, he would always strike back to prove that he was right.

Chapter 3 – Analysis – In this chapter I realized just how close Bill and Jethro are. I think that Jethro looks up to Bill and I think that Bill notices that and acknowledges the fact that he is a good role model. When Bill was talking to Jethro, I think he made total sense with what he was saying. I completely agree with his beliefs. He has a good idea about what he is talking about. I was very happy reading his conversation with Jethro but as soon as he said that he had to leave, I was very much upset. Bill is so far my favorite character, so when I heard he was leaving it upset me. I can tell that Bill is upset that he is leaving just as much as Jethro is, but he thinks that he has to do it.

Chapter 4 – Analysis – When Jenny asked Matt about the war I think that Matt was afraid to tell Jenny and his family the truth about the war. I think this because when Jenny asked him if the war was almost over, Matt somewhat hesitated. While reading this chapter I realized just how much Jenny wants to marry Shadrach. Before it seemed as if it were just a small little crush. Now I can tell that she really likes him, by the way that she talks about him. Something that I thought that was sad was when Ellen read the letter from Tom. I could tell that she was upset to read what it said in the letter by the way she acted after she read it. She told Jethro that he could spend the night at Shadrach’s. When Jethro went to Shadrach’s house they had a conversation that I thought Shadrach had a good opinion on. He said that Bill was not wrong in leaving for the war and that he was very courageous in doing so. I completely agree with him and am proud of Bill’s braveness. It takes a real good person to risk their own life to save other people’s life.
Chapter 5 – Analysis – When Ellen doesn’t have coffee she gets big headaches. It seems to me that Ellen has such a big coffee addiction, that when she doesn’t...
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