Acquisition Strategies in Dod Procurements

Topics: Game theory, Computer program, Decision making Pages: 2 (489 words) Published: April 5, 2005
General Considerations
Each PM must develop and document an acquisition strategy to guide program execution from initiation through reprocurement of systems, subsystems, components, spares, and services beyond the initial production contract award and during post-production support. The acquisition strategy evolves through an iterative process and becomes increasingly more definitive in describing the relationship of the essential elements of a program. A primary goal of the strategy is to minimize the time and cost it takes, consistent with common sense and sound business practices, to satisfy identified, validated needs, and to maximize affordability throughout a programs useful life cycle.

In developing the acquisition strategy, the PM considers all policy guidance contained in the acquisition strategy portion on DoD 5000.2R. In documenting the acquisition strategy, the PM provides a complete picture of the strategy for the decision makers who will be asked to coordinate on or approve the strategy document. The PM ensures the document satisfies the requirements of DoD 5000.2R for the acquisition strategy to identify, address, describe, summarize, or otherwise document specific, major aspects or isues of the program or strategy.

The PM develops the acquisition strategy in preparation initiation, prior to the program initiation decision, and updates it prior to all major program decision points or whenever the approved acquisition strategy changes or as the system approach and program elements become better defined. The PM engages the Working –Level Integrated Product Team (WIPT) and Operational Test Agency (OTA) in the development of the acquisition strategy, and obtains concurrence of the Program Executive Officer and Component Acquisition Executive , as appropriate.

The Milestone Decision Authority approves the acquisition strategy prior to the release of the formal solicitation. Approval usually precedes each decision point, except at program...
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