Acquisition, Convestion and Retention Tools

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A customer’s life cycle is the length of the customer’s relationship with a brand and it is marked by different phases. Using the relevant digital campaign tools enables you to ensure that your customer's life cycle to be as long and as fruitful as possible from driving traffic to your site, to converting visitors to customers and finally securing repeat business.

The different stages of the online buying cycle are as follows:


Acquisition refers to strategies and techniques to reach new customersand raise awareness of your site. The main objective of any digital marketing campaign is to attract visits to your site. There are many different digital media channels to drive targeted traffic such as search engine marketing, online advertising, affiliate marketing, opt-in email marketing, viral marketing etc.


The term conversion refers to the final outcome of a site visit. In other words, it is process of transforming visitors to customers. Conversion can be defined as downloads, purchase, view of a video or subscribe to a newsletter. It focuses on the online customer experience. If your potential customers consider your website as poor or they consider it is difficult to find the contents or products they are looking for, you are highly likely to lose them. For this reason it is important to consider factors such as the speed of your landing page, the first impression of your site, the design, visuals and text and finally call to action. The average conversation rate is 2-3%.


Retention is about maintaining relationships wit existing customers. There are different techniques for customer’s retention in digital marketing such as newsletters, social media, mobile text messaging or loyalty benefits.


Customer Acquisition Tools


SEOHigher conversion rate
Higher long-term ROI
Highly targeted
DynamicRequires more resources
Longer to accomplish
Can be difficult to track success
Ongoing investment
Lack of predictability

PPCHighly targeted
High conversion rates
Control of cost
Branding effectLower CTR = lower click volume
Can be costly
Can suffer from “Ad blindness”
Time consuming
Requires specialist knowledge
Click fraud

Online AdvertisingInexpensive
Constant exposure 24/7
Increase brand awareness and reach
Halo effect
Advertising overload
Brand reputation
Low click-through rates

Maximize reach and exposure at minimal cost
Payment by results
Responsive to market changesMay damage brand reputation
Incremental sales may be limited
Program management fees
Program management time

Customer Conversion Tools

ToolKey elements

DesignStructure and layout
Navigation: how easy is to find and move between different information Usability: web site user friendly
Localization: different products and languages
Landing pages
Access for the disabled

ContentDynamic: text and audiovisual
Ad value to consumer
Promotional material
Call to Action
New content on regular basis to improve SEO

Customer Retention Tools


Emails / E-newsCost effective
Highly targeted
Fast campaign deployment
Ease of personalization
Rely on data quality
Email response decay
Resource intensive

Social MediaReferral
Build customer engagement
Cross sell
Improved process innovation
Obtain feedback

ImmediateMight bee seen as intrusive
Not suited for all businesses
Limited audience

Loyal BenefitsImprove customers satisfaction
Increase customer´s loyalty
Create advocates


An ideal search marketing strategy for Theatre People is an integrated PPC and SEO campaign....
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