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"Workforce planning is about having the right talent with the right skills, at the right time and cost, to support the organization’s strategy. Workforce planning is a strategic response to changes in workforce demographics, business models and economic conditions – and in today’s environment, it’s more important than ever.” - Watson Wyatt Telecom’s industry is evolving at breakneck speed and the demands of the customer are forcing organization to make sweeping changes within the industry. The telecommunications industry history has left many companies with rigid and highly complex structures. Human Resource Planning will help to make sure that the organization has employees with the skills and competencies required for the business needs to be competitive. A Human Resource planning works hand in hand with all the business function and with the business plan to determine the skills needed to achieve the business’s goals. It will also help the business to be prepared for staff turnover, recruitment, and strategic hiring. The telecommunications business is heavily focused on extensive capital investment, in which the company has to invest capital as a key factor for the development and expansion of their network and should have a highly skilled management, competencies and the next generation skills which are the drivers in speeding up the expansion and sustainability of the businesses (Guislain & Qiang, 2006). Human Resource Planning must be aligned with the corporate strategy and objectives. And this can be done by starting the process by needs analysis of the current conditions and future goals of your company. While performing these assessments regularly we as HR should look at a lot of factors like: 1. The company’s strategy and objectives?

2. Are the strategy are for expansion and to stay competitive? 3. Will there be new products launched?
4. Driving technology changes needed to be competitive?
5. Will training be a key factor required to meet the company’s objectives?

How the industry approaches the human resource planning. E.g., is there evidence of industry wide plans or is it left to individual firms?

Human Resource departments use strategic workforce planning to ensure that the organization has the access to the right talent required for business for the current and future needs. For them to achieve it transparency is required regarding the number of employees, age demographic, skills requirement are assessed. They identify the gaps and surplus and work towards to generate the rightmeasures to address these issues. To optimize Human Resource Department goals, it is always necessary for all the functions to interact with other HRM functions. The HRM functions will have direct association with all the dimensions ofemployee relations, rewards management, performance management, recruiting and selection (Thornhill et al., 2000). Human Resource Management involves in the activities of attracting, developing, and maintaining a talented and energetic workforce (Schermerhorn, 2008). Its responsibilities include: (1) attracting the right talents with the right skills, through planning, recruitment and selection; (2) development of staffs, through employee training and development, and performance appraisal; and (3) retention of a skilled workforce through providing career development opportunities, work-life balance and right compensation and benefits The Human Resource function must drive a talent strategy from the strategy of the business and identify the skill gaps accordingly. Worldwide HR managers are building talent management strategies and HR Planning and drive it along talent attractive and retention which are needed for the company’s objectives. This will help to establish a culture that encourages and recognizes employee development with the right skills. They also take the right...
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