Acquiescence: Employment and School Schedule

Topics: Employment, Martin Luther King, Jr., Nonviolence Pages: 3 (1133 words) Published: May 9, 2013
In Martin Luther King Jr.’s “Three Ways of Meeting Oppression” Dr. King gives us three ways in which oppressed people such as African Americans dealt with their oppression. The first one is acquiescence in which individuals let themselves get dragged into their own oppression. If one accepts their oppression it simply means that they are proving to the oppressor that one is inferior. The second way that oppression is dealt with is violence. Violence does not solve any issues within the oppressed it only causes more issue as well as hatred. Finally the best way one should deal with oppression should be non-violent resistance. According to Dr. King it will work against the oppression not the oppressors themselves. Although I agree with Dr. King that non-violent resistance is the best way to deal with oppression many of individuals such as myself have to acquiesce when it comes to our jobs.

In today’s society people continue to be oppressed by either society itself or their environment. The work environment could probably be one of the places where individuals could feel oppression, either by their coworkers, managers, and even the company itself. Jobs have been difficult to find and those who have them feel the need to maintain them to sustain themselves and families even if it meant to work in a place that was not a preferred one. I feel forced to work in a place where I do not feel like I have rights. According to Dr. King “oppressed people deal with their oppression in three ways. One way is acquiescence: the oppressed resign themselves to their doom” (277). I agree with Dr. King in that many of us resign ourselves to our jobs even if we are not content with them and are forced to deal with being minimum wage employees and feeling as though we do not have any say or rights within in our work environment. The work environment I am surrounded by is not an ideal one and it is one that many people are faced to work in. In my situation I can say I...
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