acountability of a weapon

Topics: Feces, Causality, Hygiene Pages: 2 (506 words) Published: October 16, 2014
This is a paper written on the importance of keeping eyes on your weapon, written by Private john Jacob smith on the twenty third of September year two thousand fourteen. When you are in possession of a weapon for training purposes, or otherwise, for example; m 4, m 4 320 combo, m 249 saw, m 240 b, or 240 c, It is important to always maintain physical or visual contact with the weapon at all times. Also you should never be more than your own arm’s length in distance from your weapon at any time. In the event that you should need to use the toilet, you should find a responsible battle buddy that you know you can trust and request for them to look over the weapon while you are using the toilet. In the event you can not find a battle buddy that is both responsible and trustworthy to watch over your weapon while you are using the toilet, you will have to bring the weapon with you in to the restroom and insure that you wash your hands before using the weapon again. When on a firing range, if for any reason you must leave your weapon with a persons who was placed with the responsibility of looking over your or a group of people’s weapons by a higher authority, first insure your weapon is placed in the safe position an also make sure that the weapon is cleared before leaving the weapon in the care of this person. There are many ways to insure that your weapon is both secure and safe. Whichever method you chose to keep your weapon safe and secure is up to you. If you fail to keep your weapon safe and secure it could result in punishment by your superior NCO or specialist. Leaving your weapon unsecured could also result in life threatening consequences. Those consequences could be perhaps a deranged soldier getting their hands on your weapon and using the weapon to do harm on your fellow soldiers or even civilians. This would make you solely responsible for any deaths or injuries that the deranged soldier caused. Leaving you weapon unattended could also result in the...
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