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1.0 Executive Summary

Acme Consulting is a consulting company specializing in marketing of high-technology products in international markets. Its expertise is the marketing of personal computers and market research, all in international markets.

2.0 Situation Analysis

Acme Consulting offers high-level expertise in international high-tech business development, channel development, distribution strategies, and marketing of high-tech products. It focuses on providing two kinds of international triangles:

•Providing United States clients with development for European and Latin American markets. •Providing European clients with development for the United States and Latin American markets.

This year we intend to take on consulting work in related markets, specifically the rest of Latin America and the better markets in the Far East. We will also look for additional leverage by taking brokerage positions and representation positions to create percentage holdings in product results.

2.1 Market Summary

Acme focuses on high-technology manufacturers of computer hardware and software, services, and networking, who want to sell into markets in the United States, Europe, and Latin America. These are mostly larger companies, and occasionally medium-sized companies.

Our most important customers are executives in larger corporations. They are marketing managers, general managers, sales managers, sometimes charged with international focus and sometimes charged with market or even specific channel focus. They do not want to waste their time or risk their money looking for bargain information or questionable expertise. As they go into markets looking at new opportunities, they are very sensitive to risking their company's name and reputation.

Target Market Forecast
Potential Customers Growth20002001200220032004CAGR
US High Tech 10%5,0005,5006,0506,6557,32110.00%
European High Tech 15%1,0001,1501,3231,5211,74915.00% Latin America 35%25033845661683235.07%
Other 2%10,00010,20010,40410,61210,8242.00%
Total 6.27%16,25017,18818,23319,40420,7266.27%

2.1.1 Market Demographics

Large manufacturer corporations: Our most important market segment is the large manufacturer of high-technology products, such as Apple, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Microsoft, Siemens, or Olivetti. These companies will be calling on Acme for development functions that are better spun off than managed in-house, for market research, and for market forums.

Medium-sized growth companies: Particularly in software, multimedia, and some related high-growth fields, Acme will offer an attractive development alternative to the company that is management constrained and unable to address opportunities in new markets and new market segments.

Target Market Analysis
Market Segments SummaryDecision LevelLoyalty StatusBuyer ReadinessProduct Attitude US High Tech MatureManagerMediumSkepticalPositive
European High Tech GrowthDirector and upHighInformedIndifferent Latin America GrowthCEOHighInformedIndifferent
Other DevelopVariableVariableVariableIndifferent

2.1.2 Market Needs

When a company, like those that are our clients, wants to open a new market, there is a temporary need for very high-powered expertise. They need to establish distribution, evaluate distributors' merits and problems, select and open new channels.

Our clients come to us for scalable, temporary expertise. They understand that our kind of expertise would be very difficult and expensive to get from full-time, permanent employees. Furthermore, their needs are temporary: the crunch is at the time of opening the new market and setting up the channel; later on it is not as important.

From the invididual point of view, as managers, our clients come to us at least in part because we reduce their sense of risk in the management and politics of new market...
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