Acme Case Study

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ACME Case Study


ACME Case Evaluation
This report analyzes the market potential of the dog shaped letter holder in the black, chrome and gold-plated coloring. Qualities and potential of the product include the following. The dog shaped letter holder has a huge target market spanning the entire globe since everyone could use a letter holder .It has high potential demand and a huge profit margin. This means the letter holder gets a great return on any initial investment placed into it. The letter holder is durable, attractive and unique from all others in the industry making it difficult to imitate. Acme is an experienced company having been making letter holders for ten years with high economies of scales on them. This means that ACME can turn out a huge number of these letter holders at a very low cost. A huge target market exists for this product ranging from dog owners to just about anyone working at a desk. Anyone would love this product to liven up their workspace. The letter holder does have a lot of competitors so it will have to be well priced and advertised to take a large market share. Though this really shouldn’t be an issue with the high quality and brand name associated with ACME. The company has a huge potential market in front of them ranging from dog owners in Canada to just about anyone in the world who works behind a desk. Loads of alternatives exist for making this product even better. Numerous recommendations have been made the make the product even more marketable and appealing to consumers. The only thing standing in the way of ACME becoming a global brand is more capital now. The following will describe why this product is an excellent source for future investment.

Section 2

Objectives of the report

The main objective of this report is to convince management that not only is the dog letter holder going to be a frequently sold product; it will also be one of the top selling products for the company. Over the course of this report it will be proven that the new dog shaped letter holder is a tremendous opportunity and that it is a product that’s entering the market with vast, abundant and untapped potential. We are trying to prove that the product itself is not only a profitable one worth manufacturing and selling with extremely high profit margins, but also that it is a product that can be distributed globally since our target markets are all over the planet. This product is going to attract customers to buy this letter holder for them and their loved ones not only because of its letter holding capabilities, but since it is a dog shaped letter holder, it also appeals to those that are dog owners and animal lovers in general. Furthermore it is a product that will be competitively priced and will have the added competitive edge with its superior durability as a result of being built by a company with years of experience. Section 3

After examining Acme Bending Co., it is clear that Robert Tomas, the sales manager of the consumer product division has developed his division as a producer and marketer of the company's own branded products, distinguishing it from other competitors in the industry and making it unique and difficult to imitate.   Tomas has done this by, developing several unique designs for letter holders, flowerpot holders, key and pencil holders along with other novelties. Out of these designs, the letter holder that takes shape of a dog is the most promising yet.  More impressively, Acme Bending Co. has had much success thus far in terms of getting the product out into the market. Acme Bending Co. has already distributed its product to locate shops and chain stores so they have already have a strong piece of the market segment. Moreover,...

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Estimated total Number of Dogs held as Pets, 2002: 11.137 million
-- Canada --
Estimated Number of Canadian Households with Dogs, 2002: 3.4 million
Estimated total Number of Dogs held as Pets, 2002: 5.7 million
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Estimated Number of UK Households with Dogs, 2001: 5.3 million
Estimated total Number of Dogs held as Pets, 2002: 6.1 million
-- Italy --
Estimated Number of Italian Households with Dogs, 2004: 4.5 million
Estimated total Number of Dogs held as Pets, 2004: 5.8 million
-- France --
Estimated Percentage of French Households with Dogs, 2002: 27.8%
Estimated total Number of Dogs held as Pets, 2002: 8.8 million
Estimated Percentage of German Households with Dogs, 2003: 13.3%
Estimated total Number of Dogs held as Pets, 2003: 5 million
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