ACL reconstructive sugery

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Daniel Stoakes
Rae Larson
Composition 2
May 3, 2011
Word Count: 772 words
Final Exam
The ability to write and speak effectively is a definite necessity in Composition 2. I am referring back to the first vocabulary word of the semester, rhetoric. Mrs. Larson explained that the knowledge gained from writing wouldn’t necessarily be advantageous in a numerical world, but in the world we live in where documents must be made, essays written, and reports put together rhetoric is a must. I am certain I’ve taken full advantage of the opportunity provided me by Iowa Central Community College and Mrs. Larson. I know that I comprehend MLA formatting, evaluation writing, and opinion writing.

MLA formatting is a renowned way of citing your sources to avoid plagiarism. Mrs. Larson has beaten into me (literally) that plagiarism is bad! If you take even the smallest amount of information from a website, book, magazine, interview, or newspaper you must give that individual/author credit for his/her work. I have learned that a works cited page must be present and that in text citations must accompany your writing. As you can see in the picture below which is an example of an evaluation essay, I am readily capable of citing my sources and writing in MLA format. This is also a great example of my ability to write in an evaluation format.

In the two pieces of writing I’ve had the pleasure of doing in the evaluation format I have excelled. The first evaluation essay I wrote was the Sixth Sense Movie Review (shown below), the second evaluation essay I wrote was the Penta TP (shown above). In this writing I learned how to organize all my thoughts and feelings about the movie into one clear writing. This writing signaled the first time we were allowed to express our own feelings about the subject. I found that this particular style of writing suited me perfectly. I am an opinionated person, and evaluation writing allowed me to express these opinions in a controlled...
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