Acknowledgement: Training and Place Touchstone Communications

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To my parents who were always thereby my side to guide me and gave methe courage that I can do the best inmy life and taught me the differbetween the good and the evil, for thisbe my guide in my life



Iwant to dedicate this project tomy parents, and all my friends for being with me and helping me in each and every difficulty I faced in thisproject completion and to my teachersand all those who taught me , trained me and polished my abilities at ComsatsInstitute of Information Technology and mywork place Touchstone Communications

My learning experience with touchstone communications begins with my joining from 14-06-07. It’s been 6 months now, out of which the first 2 monthswere on probation. I got confirmed at the Pakistan Independence Day that is14-08-07 and working as a confirmed level employee at touchstone .

Myinternship report contains all the information about my work experience withTouchstone Communications, which was established in 2002 and started itsoperations in Pakistan with initially with less then 50 Employees andextended its operations to over 700(max) CSR’s and now operating with thestrength of around 300 employees after one of the biggest slump in the credithistory of United states of America.Touchstone Communications provides services related to Telemarketing andCustomer support to different companies of United States of America.As a CSR I spent good time in learning and was rewarded for my bestefforts, learnt to deal with different situations, had experience oforganization’s working environment( legal or political ) which effects anemployee performance and attitude towards work, had good time in learning and performing as one of the best CSR in the campaign but also experiencedthe turbulence of the trouble times while touchstone was going through one ofits major transition phase.Confidence, on time decision making, consistency, hard work, teamwork, seeking success out of dark, innovation, creativity, organizationalsurvival and customer handling techniques are the key learning’s out of my job And I would like to say that it will be one of my best skill that wouldremain with me and help me in the coming life which offer many challenges.

I would like to highlight this, that my experience with TouchstoneCommunication was very memorable and full of learning’s, where I found alot of positive changes

in my attitude, learning and behavior.

Tasks preformed at work
Experience & learning:

Having an experience of a reputed organization has one huge advantage, itmakes you more professional and professionalism is the key to success.Business Administration studies have main emphasis on factors like: 

Communication skills


Presentation abilities and Confidence

Handling the stressful situationsWorking with a Touchstone on outbound projects added a great value to myskills knowledge and abilities and hence gave me a chance to relate my studies inthe practical working environments , my communication skills improved and theI feel more confident then I was and this experience helped me broaden myvision and more practical.Working in an organization dose not limit your experience to just onedepartment that you are assigned with, but actually the organization is runningwith a systematic collaboration of the departments and hence requirescommunications and interaction. Well that’s it that the point that you should notignore, and always keep your mind and heart open for the experience. If you arein a situation and have interactions, your studies are being implemented inpractical environment there. You’re not by passing your boss, because youunderstand that organizational hierarchy is defined and proper communicationchannels are available which should be used. OR .You wont show resistance tochange cause you studied that “change is the only constant” and hence necessaryfor organizational development and employees survival. What I...
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