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Topics: Inventory control system, Inventory, Database management system Pages: 10 (2305 words) Published: January 12, 2011

We would like to extend our warmest thanks to Almighty God for he is the source of our strength and power.

Our sincerest thanks to our families, parents, brothers and sister, relatives, Mr. Darwin Ryan F. Ting for he’s patience in teaching us the techniques in writing the proposal.

We wish to thank to all the authors of the books and some sample whose were able to help us a lot in conducting the study about the Thesis0. MASINAG Glass, Aluminum and Iron Works , we thanks for the faith, trust and giving us time to allow our proposal.

To our friends, classmates and love ones, for their moral support that give us strength to pass the study. To all the people who helped us to make this Thesis0, possible, we thank you very much.

Mutaal, Weima I. Maur, ShielaMarie R. Bancolita, Adonis B. Ortaliz,Christian Luis S.


Online Ordering System for MASINAG Glass, Aluminum and Iron Works will automate the process of business firms. The aim of the study is to answer the growing needs for efficient, accurate and faster monitoring of the items. Since business firm continue growing, automated system can help them deal with this rapid needs of information’s are with the aid of computers. Through proper interview and analysis, the proponents found out the study will help to enhance the process such as querying of products and other transaction. The study will render advantage to the user because they promised to level important assistance to increase it accessibility, efficiency of services and improve responsiveness of the supply. Through the automated system, processes will be simple, faster, more efficient and accurate. Employee’s can be able to do more tasks and decision making responsibility, thus giving the user the benefit of it.

MASINAG Glass, Aluminum and Iron Works, provides plain vbottles Like beer na beer, red horse ,(medicines) bottle etc. This company divided in different departments: Quality Assurance Department(QA), Engineering Department, RBF Department, Glass Forming Department, QC Department, Plant Manage Department, Operation Managing department, Logistic Department, EZ3 Department and Goldmark Department.

Chapter I

1.0 Introduction

Business competition now a day is tight. Businesses of all sizes from around the world should use the modern technology in order to go with the flow and cope with. Most of the businesses here in the country are managed and governed with the use of technologies, especially the computer with the system that helps the transaction easier and faster. Despite the fact that using technology has been very important aspect of a business, there are still some businesses that do not have the computerized system per they believe they don’t need it and that it will be just an additional expense per them. But since the competition is fierce, companies tend to computerized all their transaction for faster, easier and more efficient service to customer.

2.1 Background of the Study

Information System is a system that uses information technology to capture, transmit, store, retrieve, manipulate or display information used in one or more business. It is a computer-based system that provides that data processing capabilities and information that an organization need. Information system is the most commonly used technology in most business, and firms, such as the MASINAG Glass, Aluminum and Iron Works. Dealing with business and...
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