Acieving the Perfect Curls

Topics: Hairstyle, Hairdressing, Blowdryer Pages: 2 (805 words) Published: July 23, 2008
Achieving the Perfect Curls
Beautiful looking curls are a hot trend. If you love curly hair and you are not blessed with natural curls, and also your hair is very straight, the idea of your head with curls may seems impossible. But, if you desire to make a change to your current boring straight hair style to an amazing curly hair style, you can do it. You do not need to be a famous hairdresser or an expert making curls to create them. To achieve the perfect hairdo with curls using a curly iron, you need to follow a process that demands time and patience. Curling your hair requires preparation. Before starting, it is important that you have all the equipment and materials you need on hand. Make sure that you have the following supplies: a curly iron that is most important tool, a wide-toothed comb, a heat protection spray that helps to protect your hair during the process, and hairspray or mousse. It is necessary choose a size and style of curly iron that help to achieve the result that you want. Remember, small barrel irons produce small curls while large barrel create large curls. Equally important is that you evaluate your hair. Ask yourself, what kind of hair you have. You have to do it, because the time is going to depend of the answer. In other words, if your hair is straight, you are going to need more time if it is kind of wavy or wavy. Also, your hair should be clean. This is indispensable, because a clean hair is more manageable. Plug in the curly iron, so when you need it, it will be ready. Making curls is a long process, but there are several ways you can get perfects curls, and this one is easy and practical. First of all, your hair needs to be in determinate conditions. It should be waterless. Never use a curly iron on wet hair; obviously it will burn your hair. Take your time. It is better if you allow that your hair dry naturally, because using a blow dryer can create a frizzy effect. When you are sure that your hair is totally...
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