Acid N Base Titration

Topics: Titration, Acetic acid, Vinegar Pages: 4 (572 words) Published: August 13, 2010
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Title: Acid Base Titration

To practice titration techniques
To perform acid-base titrations
To determine the molarity and percent composition of acetic acid in commercial vinegar

|0.1 M sodium hydroxide |24-well reaction plate |toothpicks | |phenolphthalein test paper |small beakers |white paper | |vinegar |graduated pipet | | |distilled water |10. 0 mL graduated cylinder | |

Calibration of Dropping Bottle
a. Use a dropping bottle containing distilled water b. Count number of drops to reach 1.0 mL in the graduated cylinder (Note: Hold bottle vertically to maintain drop size consistency) c. Repeat 4 times and find average # of drops/ 1.0 mL d. Record in Data Table 1 below

Titration of Acetic Acid
1. Place 10 mL vinegar in small beaker
2. Draw 1.0 mL into graduated pipet and place in 2nd beaker 3. Add 9.0 mL distilled water to the 1.0 mL vinegar
(Note: the concentration of the vinegar is now 0.10 x that of the original vinegar sample!) 4. With graduated pipet, put 1.0 mL of diluted vinegar into wells D1 through D5 of 24-well plate Place the reaction plate on white paper to make it easier to see any changes that occur 5. Cut 2 5-mm pieces of phenolphthalein test paper and add to wells D1—D5 6. Titrate with 0.1 M NaOH

a. Hold dropping bottle vertically above well D1
b. Count drops unit first pink color appears
c. Stir with toothpick
d. Continue to add drops and stir until the pink...
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