Acid Rain Speech

Topics: Acid, Acid rain, Water Pages: 3 (848 words) Published: August 26, 2013
Distinguished ladies and gentlemen. Acid rain is becoming a widespread problem around the world. The amount of acid in rain has dramatically increased in the past decade in certain areas like America and Europe by 70%. How is it caused? It is formed by the chemicals in the process of burning fossil fuels mixing with the moisture in the Earth's atmosphere. Acid rain come in two forms, wet and dry. Dry deposition, a more accurate term for acid rain, can appear to be snow, hail or other dry particles it has mixed with to fall to the ground. Wet deposition however as mentioned in its name, falls to the ground in the form of liquid or substance like rain.

Addressing the issue, acid rain levels have increased due to a newly built factory in this area. The acidic gases it is producing is affecting the health of people around us and the environment. As you all know, acid rain is one of the worlds most pressing environmental issues up to date. Acid rain harms the Earth's ecosystem. It effects everything, anything you can think of, you name it. Trees, lakes, streams, wildlife, water, buildings, cars and even roads.

Acid rain hugely affects aqualife as it turns their natural habitat into a acidic pool. This is caused by acid rain mixing with the water. Although the acid rain doesnt immediately affect the acidity of the water, in time it will slowly and gradually add up. When small organisms like algae and krill die due to high acidity levels in the water, bigger organisms that feed off them will die from starvation thus disrupting the food chain. Once the food chain has been affected, the rest of the aqualife will have nothing to feed off and will eventually die. Tell me, do you take your children to the park just up ahead? I've taken my daughter there many times with her friends and they often play by the lake. Many families have picnics by the side as their kids have a swim with the fishes. Some people even stand on the bridge above the lake, feeding them pieces of...
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